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Owl #10-69Cardinal on ice#10-104_DSC5399 baby birds_DSC9378birds cardinal and woodpecker_JGP1721_JGP2968_JGP4808 Downey Woodpecker_JGP1141 eagle sitting in tree huntington Beach State Park_JGP1176 eagle in tree at Huntington Beach State Park FINAL_JGP1235 bald Eagle in Tree_JGP1257 Bald Eagle taking off_JGP1299 Eagle at Huntington Beach State Park_JGP1952 Blue Heron_JGP2203 Yellow Warbler_JGP1949 blue Heron Close upSoaring Eagle_JGP2910 Osprey sitting in tree_JGP2915 osprey sitting in tree close upDSC_1286spoonbill cathes fishpsdDSC_1303 Woodstork with fish