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Alligator eating a snake #11-012Garter SnakeNorthern Water Snakes_DSC5180 Black Racer Snake_JGP1788 garter snakeJGP2515 Timber Rattlesnake_JGP2524 Timber RattlesnakeJPG2528 Timber Rattlesnake2nd Shoot Timber Rattler2 nd shoot Trying to get Timber Rattler to strike balloonTimber Rattler curious about the camera guy2nd shoot trying to get a strike. Was very mad and rattling very loud BUT, no strike!Timber rattlesnake head shot2nd shoot checking it outFace to face!2nd shoot another head shotCoiled and ready to go! Don't come any closer!!2nd shoot last attempt for a strike. I was 6.5 feet away from this snake A real non aggressive snake!_JGP6395 Northern Water snake with mouth open_JGP6398 Northern Water Snake